Raab resignation tanks pound:

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Raab resignation tanks pound:

Shrey Srivastava


Dominic Raab is the most prominent in a series of resignations of senior Conservatives, following Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal with the EU. [1] The news comes after Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that the Labour Party would not support the deal [1]. Further backlash has included the MP for North East Somerset Jacob Rees-Mogg writing a letter of no confidence against Theresa May [2]. These recent events have triggered a sudden loss of confidence in the future prospects of the UK economy, as shown by the pound falling more than a percent against the dollar in the immediate aftermath of Raab’s announcement [3]. Moreso, events in the UK have been a major contributing factor in the slide in global markets, with major indices in Wall Street down after the opening bell, and all major European indices in the red. A major issue with Theresa May’s proposal is that the UK would potentially remain tied in to the EU customs union for a number of years, likely to draw the ire of Brexiteers [1].



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