Buffett optimistic on US financials:

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Buffett optimistic on US financials:

Shrey Srivastava



The $736bn (GuruFocus, 2018) asset manager Berkshire Hathaway has recently revealed that it has taken a $4bn stake in JPMorgan Chase, worth about 1.1% of their outstanding shares [1]. Berkshire has also invested billions of dollars into other US banks [2] to expand its huge long bet on the US financial sector. The news comes after many major US banks including JPMorgan reported better than expected earnings and revenue in the third quarter of the financial year [4]. Since US financial companies were reportedly on the cusp of a bear market over the summer (Authers, 2018), such positive outcomes represent a sharp turnaround from earlier on in the year. Optimism is growing for US financials amongst investors like Warren Buffett even amidst an uncertain geopolitical landscape and the threat of trade wars between the US and countries such as China. Buffett’s empire includes stakes in other large companies such as Wells Fargo and American Express (Ft.com, 2018).


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