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Ahren Innovation Capital

Wenqian Zeng


A group of 8 Cambridge scientists including Nobel Prize laureates Sir Venki Remakrishnan and Sir Gregory Winter have partnered with an unique venture capital fund: Ahren Innovation Capital with the mission to “support transformational companies at the cutting edge of deep science and deep tech” (Ahren innovation capital, 2018). Founder and CEO Alice Newcombe-Ellis and her scientist partners plan to invest in 4 fields: the brain and the AI; genetics and biotechnology; space and robotics; and energy and environmental technologies (Cookson, 2018). After successfully attracting more than £100 million, Ahren has already invested in Cambridge Epigenetix and Cell Mogrify, both in which are biotech companies. The belief that considered risk will generate superior rewards, which will hopefully support British technology start-ups by accelerating ground breaking technologies, and generating the research into beneficial commercial success, without them being sold to oversea firms. Technology continues to be the forefront across all industries, Ahren will continue to promote the integration of these sectors to achieve real and long-term impact to the world. Investors are starting to realise the significant returns technology will generate. This, in turn, will help reduce investments to the traditional blue-chip companies and diversify mainstream investments.


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